Anandaban Hospital, Nepal

In 2018 I led a media trip to Kathmandu, Nepal for The Leprosy Mission England and Wales.

I just want to say how talented you are and how impressed I am with the way you direct and edit, and what you’ve been able to produce overnight using a mobile phone. You get exactly what you need for each shot and the final piece you have in mind. I’ve worked with the BBC and other film crews and I am really impressed with the way you work and direct. Your combination of authority and compassion sets you apart. I feel so lucky to have been able to learn from you up close” Stef Reid MBE

Working with Stef Reid I filmed and produced a series of six films shot on location, each being filmed, edited and shared on social media within 24-hours. The films were part of Heal Nepal, a UK Aid Match campaign I led which went on to raise over £4m for the hospital and its outreach work. The films increased engagement on social media, and led to a spot on Radio 2’s Sunday Morning show, and Premier Radio.

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