Award winning animator, fundraiser and filmmaker

For over twenty years I’ve worked in the charity sector, now I work with organisations to help them tell their stories to increase engagement and raise the money they need to see real change in peoples lives.

Films & Animation

I am an animator and filmmaker.

Blending illustration with footage I create unique, creative and engaging animations to tell your stories, as well as providing dignity and anonymity to those who are vulnerable, enabling their voices to be heard.

I’ve recently won Best Animation at the 4th Dimension Film Awards, Outstanding Achievement Award for Best Animation and Best film on Disability Issues at the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival.

A seasoned traveller I am adept at working with teams in hospitals and community projects to enable them to tell their stories creatively and engage audiences, working independently as a mobile filmmaker and with full production teams.

You can see my recent projects here.

I’d love to hear about your next project – contact me here.

Fundraising Consultancy

My background is in fundraising, campaign and product development. I would love to work with your team to grow your income.

I take time to understand your needs, your communication style and your target audience. I’ll work with you and your team to develop a fundraising strategy, strong integrated campaigns and consistent messaging around your brand to tell your stories in ways that will move your audience to give.

I also love working on illustrations, copy and design for appeals, magazines, newsletters, websites, social content or greetings cards. I always bring my fundraising experience into any campaign collateral I work on.

I’d love to hear about your next project – contact me here.

Insight & Training

I’m passionate about making sure you have the right infrastructure and resources to support your campaigns and work with trusted partners to audit, review and put in place just what you need for efficient campaigns and happy supporters.

I can also work with you to deliver a bespoke workshop to get your team thinking creatively and kick-start planning your next multi-channel campaign.

“Seriously massive super huge well done! By far the best session. Loved it. You smashed it. It was engaging thought provoking. Didn’t feel awkward. I bet there are a tonne of charities that could massively benefit from the way you put that together. Loved the competition element too. We reflected on the way back how good it was!”

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